Don Kasper

Listen and enjoy my new music, produced by me and cover art also designed by me. It’s actually a freestyle, it will be available on iTunes, Spotify e.t.c soon, my distributors are kinda slow in getting it to various streaming platforms. I’ll update ya’ll once it’s available. Genre: Trap, Latin. DOWNLOAD

Top Valuable Ways To Promote & Make Your Blog/Blog Contents Go Viral

Many people, probably 92% of those who starts a blog quit or fail at blogging due to lack of readership, lack of sustainable growth e.t.c There are reasons why people quit. Those reasons include poor blogging habits, lack of promotion, persistency, lack of goal setting, long time blogging investment e.t.c These are just the few…

The English Carthusian Martyrs By John Paul Kirkham & Fr. Anselm Gribbin

Book Synopsis New for 2020, this book by the authors Fr. Anselm Gribbin and John Paul Kirkham tells the true story and the aftermath of the eighteen English Carthusian Martyrs during the Middle Ages. It also recalls the life of Saint Bruno and features a selection of Carthusian spirituality. The book cover features an original…

Skeletons In The Closet By Peter C Byrnes

Book Synopsis This is the 59th Instalment in the Murder Squad Detective Joseph Lind Novella series. Throughout this Series, there have been hints of dishonesty and illegal activities during the Detective’s Undercover cop days when he straddled that thin line between legal and illegal acts. This story brings those hints of duplicity to the fore,…

What Russian President’s Surprise Means

It can be tricky to predict what Vladimir Putin will do next. Now the Russian president has delivered a surprise by announcing big plans to change the constitution. Not only that, the government has quit and the country’s got a new prime minister. Just what is Putin planning? Find out more below. {BBC}