Twitter Lost It when Sasha Obama Went To Prom this weekend


Malia is enrolled at Harvard and Sasha actually just graduated from high school, going to her prom this weekend. Photos of the 17-year-old started appearing online and people lost their minds at how different she looks now, reacting socially and looking back on better times.
Attending prom with her date Chris Milton, Sasha stunned the masses with her elegant black gown, taking photos before they took off to the event. Her transformation from little girl holding her father’s hand during public events to young woman with total class and beauty is complete.

see some of the reactions below

Female Hip Hop (Parody Account) @FemaleHipHopp

“Sasha Obama” grew up to be a beautiful young lady

Mr. Weeks 🤴🏾 @MrDane1982
I feel like a big brother watching my little sister go to the prom.
Sasha Obama is such a beauty.
And shout out to the simplicity of her dress.

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