Snake Eyes Album by DJ Kasper.

Finally the much anticipated and long awaited “SNAKE EYE’S” album is here.
This album was made by DJ Kasper and has also featured artist like Cardi b,
MO, Dillon francis, and strongman. Ensure your headphones are on and make sure you enjoy every song in this album.
Scroll below to download the zip file.

Genre’s: Trap, EDM, Afro.

Listen below.

1.Fix Me by DJ Kasper ft Dillon Francis.

2.High by DJ Kasper.

3.I Like It Mashy by DJ Kasper ft Cardi b x Strongman.

4.No One by DJ Kasper.

5.Overlord by DJ Kasper.

6.Rise by DJ Kasper.

7.Risen by DJ Kasper.

8.Set me free by DJ Kasper x MO.

9.Split crazy by DJ Kasper.

10.spring by DJ Kasper.

11.summer vibe by DJ Kasper.

12.Zanga by DJ Kasper.

download album

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