Regina Hall Gives An Insight Of What She Does Not Want to See in ‘Girls Trip 2’

Recently regina hall was interviewed by an ET representative about her new film, Shaft, over the weekend, where she candidly explained that she’d like to see the Flossy Posse reconvene for another wild adventure, but she has some stipulations.

One idea that’s been floated in the past by co-star Jada Pinkett Smith is an international trip to some exotic locale like Rio or South Africa. However, Hall shut down speculation that the girlfriends would be heading to Carnival, mostly because she doesn’t think she can pull off the skimpy crystal outfits that are a staple of the massive Brazilian gathering.

“I don’t need to be in that outfit,” she responded, later adding, “I would want to eat… Like, ‘Damn, now I can’t eat for three days ’cause I got to be covered in crystals.'”
She also explained that she and the rest of the cast, including Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish and Pinkett Smith, want to ensure that the new film isn’t just a retread.

“I think it’s about the timing and also everyone wants to make sure that the story’s worthy of a sequel,” she said. “We don’t want y’all talking about us ’cause then y’all will be like, ‘Why’d they do a second one? They should have just left it alone.'”

“I know that they are trying really hard to come up with the perfect idea,” Hall also shared.
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In the 2017 original, Hall plays a lifestyle guru who’s been asked to speak at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. She decides to invite three old friends, played by Latifah, Haddish and Pinkett Smith, to come along. Naturally, a series of crazy encounters befall them while en route to the concert in The Big Easy.

When asked if a sequel might not come to pass, the actress assuaged doubts, explaining that, besides the quality of the sequel, she and her co-stars also have to make sure filming a Girls Trip sequel is feasible with their hectic schedules.

“No no no, it’s going to happen. It’s just ’cause everybody’s also busy,” she stated. “Latifah’s doing a million things. Jada’s, like, healing the world [one] table talk at a time. Tiffany’s working and she’s got her film coming out and her show.”
Hall also discussed the prospect of someday appearing on Red Table Talk, Pinkett Smith’s Facebook Watch talk show. Not only did Hall say she’d like to appear on the show, but she also promised to make things interesting.

“I don’t know what we’d talk about but I’d let it all out. I’d spill the tea,” she shared. “Yeah, I mean, I’d have spillage. There’d still be a lot left in the cup but I would definitely let some overflow. Oooh yeah.”

Shaft hits theaters on Friday.

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