Taylor Swift Makes Cookies for Katy Perry With Sweet Message


On Tuesday, the “Never Really Over” singer took to Instagram to post a photo of chocolate chip cookies with the words “peace at last” written on the plate. But what surprised fans was that Perry tagged Swift on the photo, as well as in her caption.

“Feels good 🧡 @taylorswift,” Perry captioned the photo, as well as geotagged the location on her post as “Let’s Be Friends.”
Shortly after the “Firework” singer shared the photo, Swift replied to the post with a slew of heart emojis.
The post comes weeks after fans noticed that Swift added Perry’s new song to her “Playlist by ME!” on Apple Music, as well as point out that Perry “liked” Swift’s most recent tweet, which was a pic of her new cat, Benjamin Button.

“Taylor Swift and Katy Perry supporting each other is literally the best thing that ever happened to me,” one fan wrote as others expressed their thoughts on the two artists making it clear their rumored feud is far behind them.

Perry and Swift’s reported feud began in 2014 after Swift revealed she had problems with a fellow pop star, which inspired her song “Bad Blood.” After years of the two seemingly taking shots at one another, in May 2018 Perry sent Swift an olive branch and a note that was addressed “hey old friend.”

“Hey old friend, I’ve been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and the feelings between us, I really want to clear the air,” the note reads.

“I’m deeply sorry for… ” the note continues, before it’s covered by the envelope. According to sources Perry definitely gave her apology to the “Gorgeous” singer a lot of thought before sending it. According to the source, Perry was even willing to keep trying if Swift didn’t accept it. Of course, Swift did respond kindly to the peace offering as well as Perry’s handwritten note, filming a video of it for her Instagram Stories and stating, “This means so much to me.”

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