Sandra Bullock Explains Why She Won’t Set Keanu Reeves Up on a Date

The actress was interviewed by “ET” ackstage at the MTV Movie & TV Awards over the weekend, just moments after she delivered a sweet speech dedicated to her kids, Louis, 9, and Laila, 7, while accepting Most Frightening Performance for her role as Malorie in Bird Box.

“I’m blessed with incredible kids and I’m an incredibly honest mom,” Bullock, 54, told ET’s Kevin Frazier. “They know what’s what. They’re brave and they’re safe and they’re happy. I want them to grow up to be who they’re supposed to be, and I can manage that, just keep some bumpers on the side. That’s all I can ask for.”
Bullock told the crowd that it was actually her kids who inspired her to sign on to Bird Box, and to work on a movie that focused on the importance of going the distance for your family. And, despite being a powerful force in the industry since 1994 (with her breakthrough role as Annie in Speed), Bullock admitted that the Netflix thriller was something “new” for her to tackle.
“It’s really nice because when you try something new, which I did, and it works, you’re like, ‘Thank god,'” she shared. “I’m allowed to stay around for a couple more years! But it’s meant a lot tonight because I brought my son. The story that I told [onstage] really did happen. It means a lot to me that he can be a part of this and that he’s old enough to see what this is about.”

ET also asked Bullock whether she would ever be down to jump back on a bus with her former co-star (and current internet heartthrob) Keanu Reeves. Interestingly enough, the two took home the Golden Popcorn for Best On-Screen Duo at the 1995 MTV Movie Awards and returned to the stage together in 2006 to present.

“Maybe [when we’re] 67, 69 years old,” Bullock joked of the idea of a Speed reunion with Reeves. “We’ll be old and in the bus where they have that lift for the older people.”

“We’ll be an old married couple,” she added of the potential plot. “We’ll have the walker and it will be about how we can get to the old people home before curfew. So, that will be the [new] Speed. It will be a slow film, but a play on the word ‘speed.'”

Reeves has been having quite a moment on social media these days, following the release of his latest film, Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe, and a recent discovery that he’s a “respectful king” for giving female fans their personal space while posing for photos with them.

The internet has quickly become obsessed with setting the 54-year-old single actor up with someone special, so before theinterview with Bullock ended, she was asked if she has any contenders in mind.

“He doesn’t need anybody’s help!” Bullock exclaimed. “Nope. He’s good.”

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