The Truth About BTS Taking Break From K-Pop Music


Everyone knows that being a K-pop star is far from easy but it’s something most people commit to for as long as they can. That’s why it was such a surprise to learn that one of the most popular groups of all time is taking a break, even if it’s a well-deserved one! We’ll talk about the truth about BTS from what makes them so special to what issues they may face in the future. While this is supposed to be a temporary sabbatical could they disband for good when the South Korean military calls? The Lotte Duty Free Family Concert will be their last public appearance for quite some time and they even missed out on the 2019 Teen Choice Awards, even though they took home more than their fair share of them. Their song “Boy With Luv” broke YouTube records and V’s solo song WInter Bear isn’t doing too badly either. It seems like the Bangtan boys are taking a well-deserved vacation and the BTS Army is being super supportive of the entire situation!

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