Super Humans By Jeff Tikari


super-humans-tikari download

Book Synopsis


A power that can change you and completely alter the Universe and all our knowledge and beliefs. A power that will make us Immortals.

‘Super Humans’ is about us.

We are no longer merely beings that evolved from apes – we are now entities on their own merits. A life separate from all life on this planet – though, again, behaving and aping the life we see around us. Other than animal life, there is nothing we could emulate: their conception, birth, old age, and finally death. So for millions of years we lived and died as animals and other living entities do.

This book tells you differently. This book tells you we are not like other life on Earth. This book tells you we are Super Beings, Energy Beings presently in Human form and unaware of our real status. Find awareness; find your real self; which is Immortal beings. Immortality we can achieve with our Mind!

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