34 Easy Kitchen Life Hacks That Will Surprise You


You don’t have to be an expert in baking to make homemade desserts and sweets. The best thing is that kids may help to make them as the recipes are very easy. Besides, preparing yummy desserts is a cool way to spend time together. Check out this video and you will learn how to prepare super-delicious ice-cream cake that will be a perfect dish for a party. Make a chocolate bowl to serve ice-cream or you can decorate an ice-cream with it. Inflate a balloon and melt chocolate in a bowl. Place a balloon in melted chocolate, put out and let cool. One more cool idea is to make jellies with coke. Mix coke with gelatin and heat up a bit. Pour into ice cube mold and freeze. Enjoy! You will find various ways to fold pastry! Check out how to make mini croissants, chocolate buns and a lot of other dessert ideas your guests will love. Choose any stuffing that you like and watch the video below.

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