Lizzo Is Tired Of Being Called “BRAVE”


Lizzo is officially tired of being called “brave” just because she is confident and radiates body positivity. She just opened up about a double standard for women and how she’s expanding the idea of what’s sexy.

What’s up? It’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Lizzo is more than just a pop star, she’s become a pioneer in the body positivity and self love movements.

And since she’s popped up in mainstream media she’s been constantly praised for her “bravery.”

In particular, after her epic BET Awards performance of her song Truth Hurts, the internet basically broke with tweets like this.

It says quote, “@lizzo WOW WOW WOW! Super Star! 10th level! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Gave me such a strong charger of positive emotions and self sureness. She’s so brave!”

And while comments like that are awesome and nice, Lizzo is done with people being surprised at her confidence, as if it’s something that shouldn’t be inherent.

Which I understand where she’s coming from because when other, maybe more petite-frame celebs perform or post a sexy photo on Instagram, people don’t necessarily praise them for their strength or “bravery”.

And that’s likely because our society expects them to have a certain amount of confidence, but when Lizzo is that confident it’s seen as suprising and she is fed up with the double beauty standard.

She told Glamour Magazine quote, “When people look at my body and be like, ‘Oh my God, she’s so brave,’ it’s like, ‘No I’m not.’ I’m just fine. I’m just me. I’m just sexy. If you saw Anne Hathaway in a bikini on a billboard, you wouldn’t call her brave. I just think there’s a double standard when it comes to women.”

So while Lizzo embraces her role in the body positivity movement, she wishes people would stop thinking it’s some sort of miracle for a plus-size woman to be as confident as she is.
She continued on and said quote, “I don’t like it when people think it’s hard for me to see myself as beautiful. I don’t like it when people are shocked that I’m doing it.”

And so Lizzo is just going to keep doing her thing and normalizing the image of a sexy, confident, plus-size woman. Or better yet… a sexy confident woman!

And I couldn’t be more here for it.
People on Twitter are getting in on the conversation too.

One person wrote quote, “”If you think it’s “courageous” or “brave” for a woman larger than a size 12 to wear certain types of clothing, or to act like her body is something worthy of not just acceptance but *admiration*, I want you to think about what that means.”

And others were praising her for her speech, which had a similar message, during her recent VMA performance saying quote, “Can we just talk about how @lizzo had woman of all different shapes and size and how they we’re all confident, how she was too and how good she made everyone in the audience feel? LIKE WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS!!!!”

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