Ariana Grande SUES Forever 21 for Jacking Her ‘7 Rings’ Style!

According to legal documents filed today, Ari and her team filed a lawsuit against the struggling company accusing them of false endorsement, trademark infringement, and copyright infringement, among other things.

Pretty much the stole Ariana’s iconic look from ‘7 Rings’ and tried to sell it as their own look!

Just for some backstory, Ariana was working on a potential collaboration with the brand back in late 2018/early 2019, but it fell through because Forever 21 was unwilling to quote, “pay the fair market value for a celebrity of Ms. Grande’s stature.”

But just because the deal fell through, that apparently didn’t stop Forever 21 from using Ari’s image and likeness.

Ari’s team said that Forever 21 launched a quote “unauthorized marketing campaign” using the singer’s photos and “falsely suggested” her participation in the campaign by hiring a model who looks a lot like her.

I mean you be the judge, do you think this looks like Ari in the 7 rings video?

The caption does say, “gee thanks just bought it” which is literally one of Ariana’s lyrics sooo yeah I’d say it’s a little sus.

In the lawsuit, Ari’s team also referenced images from the singer’s “7 Rings” video posted to Forever 21’s Instagram.

They said that rather than paying Ariana what she was owed to use her likeness, Forever 21 quote “simply stole it by launching a misleading campaign across its website and social media platforms” which was capitalizing on the success of Ariana’s album.

And back when Ariana and her team came across the images in February they demanded they be taken down immediately, but they stayed up on Forever 21’s social handles until April which allowed them to use her influence without paying her for it for 14 weeks.

Now she’s asking for $10 million for that time and for using them without her permission.

And Twitter is obviously going off about this.
One person shared this video of Ari and wrote quote, “She coming for her coins 💅🏽”

And another said quote, “Should I tell her? Lol they bankrupt sis.”

But I know this is a complicated situation and some of the images Forever 21 used of Ari are from her Instagram which can be a grey area.

Also, selling a product that looks similar to what she wore in her video with a look alike model could arguably be seen as just going along with the trends?

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