Critical Action By Stellen Qxz

critical-action-obooko-b2c5555bd5133b12c6c7db3417f61d44 download

Book Synopsis

An Off-Book Novel (Derrick Olin, the lost years). In 2009, Birmingham’s toughest tough guy went on hiatus with no intention of returning to print. This changed, of course, in 2012 when he arrived for a fresh adventure in the novel Rogue. But what was he doing during those intervening years, what happened to the woman in his life that he was settling down with when last we saw him? Questions, questions, mysteries, and more questions. At least until now. There were two books written about Derrick’s life during that time, revealing answers to those questions and many more, but also deepening the mystery in some places. Written but never published or seen by anyone but the author. Well that’s about to change!

This adventure is called Critical Action and action is just what you’re about to get…


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