Girl Code For Every Situation

Girl code 1-6
Girls have various codes for every situation, below are just a few party codes for girls. If you in this category hit the like button or comment🤩🤩

Code 1: They arrive together, they leave together. No leaving with some random dude or leaving the other at the party alone.

Code 2: Both can’t be to drunk, one has to be alert and aware of the surroundings.⚠️👿👀

Code 3: They go to the bathroom or outside together, they move in unit.👩‍❤️‍👩

Code 4: They don’t accept drinks from strangers, unless they are at the bar and watch the bartender pour it.❌🍺🍺

Code 5: If they believe one is to drunk to function, they leave the party early.🍺😴🚗

Code 6: If one goes missing, they wait for like 15-35 mins before calling the police🚔 cause they ain’t going home without the other.

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