Time After Time: A love story written as a screenplay By Pratibha A. Dabholkar and Earl J. Hess

Book Synopsis

This is a very unusual love story, written as a screenplay. It is about a history professor who undergoes hypnosis to overcome his recurring nightmares and regresses to his past life as a Civil War soldier. There, he meets his soul mate but loses her, and becomes desperate to find her again in his present life. His search is complicated by other characters, plot twists, and his own failings. But eventually, he learns important lessons about eternal love.

This book appeals to a wide audience. It satisfies romantics by offering a new, yet essentially universal, perspective on eternal love and soul mates. It intrigues people interested in reincarnation and past life regressions through the unusual plot. It charms movie buffs with its engaging screenplay format, the plot going back and forth between two different time periods, the dramatic battle action, and the tender love scenes.


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