Happy New Year | Goals Every Blogger Should Set

Happy new year lovelies, count yourself lucky and privileged to see the start of a decade. Trust me, you all will break grounds and do great things this year, you just have to pay a little price, that price is “HARDWORK”.

Once this price is paid, you’ll begin to experience drastic, dramatic and dimensional changes and uplifting in areas you do not expect. Let me jump right to the goals every blogger should set cause I’ll be very busy today, and by busy i mean enjoying myself to the fullest before i resume posting as usual.


1.Improving your blogs traffic:

Traffic is like the backbone of every site. Without traffic, a blog is as useless as a bycicle is to a fish. If your goal is to get 200 views daily or a thousand or even a million, you can achieve that by putting out more contents than usual, organizing your blog to make it look presentable and attractive, making use of adequate promotion platforms e.g Ads, Instagram, facebook e.t.c

The journey of a million steps begins with a single step. Make that step towards achieving growth and the sky will be your starting point.

What i mean by making use of adequate promotion platforms is using what you have at your disposal to bring people to your blog. For example, using hashtags on your ig post e.t.c before using a hastag, ensure your post is related to what you have on your blog and make good use of the instagram bio.

Secondly you can pay for Ads if you feel you are not getting enough traffic, just select the post you wish to push and promote. You might be surprised at how things will turn out.

I personally didn’t use the Ad method, but i used IG alot to promote my contents e.t.c and it brought back positive results

2. Push out more blog contents:

You can’t keep doing what you did last year and expect change, you’ll certainly be stuck on one spot as long as you keep repeating the same pattern of posting.

If you’ve been pushing out 20 contents a day, it’s time to make it 30-40 contents daily, and if you’ve been posting once a week, it’s time to make it five times weekly or even more.

3. Blog Packaging:

The attractive your blog, the more visitors. So spend time exploring various themes before using them.

Hope this was useful. I’ll be taking some time off to enjoy the new year, plus regular posts will continue as usual after the break. And I’ll also be sharing with you some tips on blog monetization soon.

See you soon and once again happy new year🎉🎉

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