Types Of Posts That Can Grow A Blog And Attract The Right Audience

Helloooooooooo my people, I’ll be giving you some insights and tips on the kind of posts that can grow a blog and attract the right audience.

First of all when you look around you, what do you see? Well I’ll tell you what i see. I see wants, needs and problems, all this comes down to one thing. And that thing is “SOLUTION”.

I’ll be giving you a few examples of why wants, needs and problems all comes down to “SOLUTION” and how it relates to the types of posts that can grow a blog and attract the right audience”

For example; you want the latest designer bags, shoes, glasses e.t.c or you need a house, job, money and you probably want to go that university of your dreams e.t.c. It all comes down to a “SOLUTION” for everything. Don’t worry I’ll elaborate further for you to understand and see why this explanation is important instead of just going straight to the point.

Now, you want bags, shoe’s, glasses and you also need a house and want the university of your dreams. The “solution” to this is “money”.

You need a job. The “solutions” to this is either getting a degree, getting the right connections or knowing the right persons. Note: ( I added “s” to solution)

You need money. The solutions to this is either getting a job, becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business, going into the forex business, selling some of your properties to raise funds to start a farming business or whatever business it is you want to start e.t.c

Two countries are on the verge of war, they only solution to that conflict is peace.

Now, to my point about the types of post that can grow your blog. The types of post that can grow your blog are posts about solutions to a problem, how to types of post e.g how to swim, how to fly a plane or how to ride a dragon e.t.c, posts about tips e.g tips on growing beards, tips on rearing chickens, skincare tips e.t.c, we also have posts about rendering advice e.g avoid leaving the toilet without washing your hands or face the wrath of bacteria, lol, you know that kind of thing or dangers of having unprotected sex e.t.c

All I’ve mentioned above leads to one thing, and that is solution. Also take note of all the words written in bold texts, they are essential. Take me for example, when you go through the category list on my blog, you’ll find fashion, beauty, life hacks, health and more. That all leads to providing solutions.

Take a look at Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Ellon Musk e.t.c the reason why they florish is because they are solution providers.

I also promised to make a post about blog monetization, don’t worry i haven’t forgotten about it at all. I’ll be dropping it soon, talk to you lovelies later✌️✌️

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