Top 10 Outstanding And Life Changing Tips For Blogging

There is no right way or format to blogging, there are only different ways to approach blogging. Finding the suitable approach that fits your niche can be sometimes stressful, especially for those who are just starting or those who don’t have any idea of what to do at first.

First of all before you start blogging, look deep down within you and find what you love, what makes you happy and what gives you that drive or zeal to want to start blogging, then you build on that and you’ll be surprised at the amount of success rate you’ll receive.

So let’s go straight to the top 10 outstanding and life changing tips for blogging;

1. Understanding Your Audience:

You need to understand your audience better than they understand themselves. This means you have to know the kinds of content that will move them and keep them coming back for more, that’s a great start when you get to writing blog posts or pushing out other contents.

2. Keep Writing Or Pushing Out Contents:

Forget the fact that anyone will ever read what you write, just focus on your ideas, opinions e.t.c and find a way to put it into writing and your right audience will come. Whatever energy you put out to the universe, that same energy will come back to you, be it positive or negative. Same applies to blogging.

3. Always Value And Appreciate Your Existing Audience:

Most bloggers are so obsessed and carried away about finding new audiences that they miss out on the most important aspect of blogging itself, which is understanding your audience.

Most bloggers especially those just starting out, not all tho, treat their audience as just numbers because it’s little, they ignore the ones they already have and are going for bigger audiences because they think having a big audience is where the growth starts. Don’t get me wrong here tho, aiming high and setting out goals to reach a wider audience is good, but never dispise little beginnings.

Just like the saying that goes “you don’t know what you have until you lose it”. That little audience you think you have can be your ticket to an even larger one, never forget that.

4. Give Away Free Contents:

In as much as we would love making money while blogging, also learn to give away contents that will add value to peoples lives and they’ll surely love you the more for that and become loyal fans, audiences or visitors.

5. Be Consistent:

Consistency is another key aspect of blogging. It’s easier to lose an audience than to build one. For example you drop a content this month, then you wait for like two more month before you drop another one. If you just started blogging and you are doing this, trust me you’ll never grow but rather experience failures upon failures back to back.

Consistency in blogging leads to a higher subscriber growth and steady visitors.

6. Give Away Your Knowledge:

Many bloggers hold back what they know in the fear of giving out “special secrets” or that one “secret sauce”. Some have fear that when that knowledge is out, another blogger might outshine them or some sort of shitty thoughts and so on.

Know this guys, givers never lack. So always give out what you know can benefit others. And as a matter of fact, there is no secret sauce in a world where everyone has access to the internet.🤷🤷

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7. Build An Amazing Call To Action:

A call to action is always necessary if you want to get return visitors. Who knows, your blog post could be featured on places like Vogue e.t.c without a link or something directing it back to you or your blog, you could miss out on a huge opportunity. You see what i did above before writing tip number 7, that’s an example of a call to action.😊

8. Stay True To Your Voice:

Writing isn’t about the right topic, but finding the right voice. What matters, what readers interact with the most, isn’t how much you say it, or by writing two thousand words, but how you say it. And this is where most bloggers fail to understand.

Your voice is very important, yet it’s the most overlooked part of blogging.

9. Give It Time And Patience:

Invest in blogging for a long time before you’ll start to see results. No human in this world was born with a complete set of teeth, expect one that i don’t know of. It took time and patience before all the teeths came out, you had to lose some to gain some, same applies to blogging. I was born with four teeths tho, two up and two down, they were at the front😊😊 it’s true I’m not messing with you fr.

Well, this post isn’t about my life but about blogging tips, so let’s move on.

The web is a big place, so unless you are willing to plan and invest over a long period of time, you’ll find success nearly impossible. If you are looking for a quick method, you might as well go sell your soul to the devil.

But if you can stick around for years without results and constantly learn and improve. You’ll achieve something extremely remarkable, trust me.

10. Write Catchy Headlines:

No matter how powerful your content is, without a great headline it won’t matter. People tend to decide if they should click on your content or not, your headline will make them decide.

Have you ever entered a site where you just keep on scrolling and scrolling and then all of a sudden boom you see a catchy headline and wanna know what it’s all about, what so and so celebrity did, who’s dating who or you wake up to a news about Brad Pitt dating Rihanna and all that stuff. That’s what you should consider doing before starting a post, eye catching headlines makes the difference.

If you loved this post and if it was helpful, please share it to as many people as possible. More about blogging will be coming your way soon❤️❤️❤️ Have a great day y’all.

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