Skeletons In The Closet By Peter C Byrnes

Book Synopsis

This is the 59th Instalment in the Murder Squad Detective Joseph Lind Novella series.

Throughout this Series, there have been hints of dishonesty and illegal activities during the Detective’s Undercover cop days when he straddled that thin line between legal and illegal acts. This story brings those hints of duplicity to the fore, highlighting that we all have skeletons rattling around in our own closets …. rattling around in our subconscious.

It also highlights the vagaries of memory and why we would falsely but regally bear the load of guilt for others throughout our lives. How we deal with these guilty thoughts, either trying to live with secrets we do not wish to disclose or facing these fraudulent acts to learn the truth of the skeletons in the closet depends on the strength of character of each and every one of us. Whether we are willing to rattle those bones. Download the full book below 👇


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