Key Benefits Of Having A Viral Blog Post

There are a lot of benefits that comes with a viral blog post. Before we go straight to the key benefits of having a viral blog post, learn how to make your post go viral HERE

Benefits of having a viral blog post:

1. Effectiveness:

A viral blog post is more effective than a normal blog post, not just effective alone, it also has the advantage of bringing in more traffic non-stop.

If you are able to make good use of a viral traffic, you’ll earn more returning visitors, subscribers or even make tons of sales from whatever product of yours you have on your blog.

This can also open a way for a huge endorsement deal. Yes you read it right, endorsement deal. I’ll be talking about this in a few moment.

2. It is highly targeted:
One of the major forms of viral traffic is social media and people don’t just share any content on social media, they share high quality contents they think might be of interest to their followers or friends.

If you’re a blogger who blogs about making money online or about your makeup/beauty routine and a post of yours really goes viral it might result in you getting links from the top blogs in your niche and also being tweeted by the influencers, these influencers are authorities and not just any authority but authorities in your niche thereby resulting in more targeted traffic for you.

3. Credibility:
When something really goes viral it is often shared by people with those they have an influence on and this result in a percentage of their influence being transferred to you.

If you write a great post that is being tweeted by Jennifer Aniston you will automatically gain part of her influence because people will say since Jennifer could tweet this guy/lady, it means he/she is really cool.

This will increase the value of your blog and it’s contents.

4. Long-term effect:

Viral traffic will result in you getting a lot of shares, links and votes which will lead to the search engines taking note of your blog and seeing your post as an authority on a particular subject or subjects.

This will eventually benefit you in the form of better future search engine rankings thereby leading to more traffic.

5. Monetary benefits:

Let’s say you earn $100 from your blog monthly, and suddenly a blog post of yours then goes viral, resulting to influencers, and people from various countries sharing your contents.

By the end of that particular month in which your post went viral, you’ll earn triple the amount you normally earn or even more. It’s not just limited to that month alone.

Your blog now has more value than ever before, more advertisers, companies, and people pay you huge amounts of money for your services.

That’s another benefit of having a viral blog post.

6. Endorsement deals:

Let’s say for example your blog is about your makeup routine, products and clothing line. Having already gained huge traffic from a post of yours few months back and eventually you’ve become a brand.

Companies and brands around your ninch will approach you for business and endorsement deals, leading to more traffic and income.

Thank you all for taking your time to read this article. If this was helpful in anyway, ensure you share it with as many people as possible.❤️❤️

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