Key Tips On Growth Hacking Your Blog

20 years ago, businesses were not as substantial and effective as the businesses of today. They were limited by location and geography. Now they can start, grow and exist in just an app, without no restraints or limitations.

Examples of modern businesses without any restrictions or limitations are Instagram, facebook, Uber e.t.c

With over 2 billion people, each having a social media account, potential growth of a business has gone from local to international or global. All you need to do is add some technology, make sharing easy and growth will be exponential.

Before i dive in deep into growth hacking your blog. Let me broden your mind about what growth hacking is.

What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is made up of two key concepts, and they are technology and marketing.

When you understand your users, visitors or readers and how they engage with your products or services, you’ll be able to build more features that will help you acquire more users, rather than just spending unnecessarily on marketing that will bring you one time visitors or readers.
Facebook started by launching one college at a time till they had 20% of the students. LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman invited his professional network to join. AirBnB managed to build technology that allowed them to access and post to Craigslist. (Key examples of growth hacking)

For most bloggers exploding their web traffic fast is often a dream rather than a reality.

But by innovating it is possible to achieve critical mass and fast sustainable growth.

Skills Required For Growth Hacking Your Blog:

Here are a few skills to take note of when growth hacking your blog.

  • Focused on growth.
  • Addicted to metrics.
  • Able to execute.
  • Open minded to new ideas and innovation.
  • Creative.
  • Able to pivot if something isn’t working.

Key Tips To Growth Hacking Your Blog:

1. Define Your Goals:

Defining goals is one key but neglected aspect of blogging by most bloggers. You don’t just run a blog without a goal, except if that blog is for nothing else other than just fun.

For example, a lady/man weighs 500 pounds, and that lady/man goes to the gym with the aim of weighing 100 pounds.

That lady/man has already taking the first step, which is setting a goal towards losing weight. Same applies to blogging. The road to your blog success might be very slow, but trust the process and keep pushing, your HARDWORK won’t go in vain.

Put the following into consideration for blog growth and goals to achieve;

• Amount of articles to put out every day, week or month.

• Improve the quality of your articles or contents.

• Learn more about your audience, study what they love the most and build on it.

• Create adequate marketing strategy and steps towards promoting your blog.

2. Keep Your End Game In Mind:

What is your end goal? Is your end goal all about getting more subscribers, more visitors, more content shares, more products been sold. e.t.c.

Whatever it may be, always work towards achieving them. If you’re losing track, not hitting the right numbers, the traffic isn’t just meeting up with your set goals and your aren’t making enough sales.

You need to always remember what your end game is, change your marketing or blogging strategy and keep working hard. Nobody was born a full grown man or woman, it took time.

From being a baby, too experiencing adolescence, too becoming a teenager and so on and so forth. It took time, trust the process and don’t deceive yourself thinking success comes easy. Well spoiler alert, it doesn’t. Let’s go on to the next point.

3. Implement Viral Marketing Strategies:

Start with researching what content was really successful and who else, or what blog was successful at this.

This includes:

  • Listicles.
  • Heatmaps.
  • Big full screen images.
  • Cool infographics.
  • Curated video content.
  • Images of real people.

4. Optimize your click through rate:

To get people to do that on social media, you need to perfect the following;

  • Headline.
  • Image.
  • Meta description.

5. Optimize for search engines:

Search engines keep giving you free traffic after the sharing frenzy has died down after hitting the publish button. So optimizing for search is a key component to ongoing success.

Search for keywords on that particular content or topic you are about to write on using SEO tools.

Growth hacking your blog involves the combination of content creation and marketing. It will also means that you will need to adopt new technology.

If this article was in anyway useful or helpful, ensure you share it. Thank you for taking out time to read this.