The Internet Ideology: From A As In Advertising To Z As In Zipcar By Massimo Moruzzi

Book Synopsis

Regardless of the question, the Internet is the answer.

We are told that the Internet and the market are the solution to every kind of problem. But is it true? Will Big Data help us to understand the world? Is the Internet really on the side of democracy? Does it make sense to make gamify everything? Is the Internet (still) the Frontier? Or is that era past us and we are now faced with the greatest concentration of economic power of all time?

It seemed perfectly normal to Jeff Jarvis, a famous American journalist, to ask: “What Would Google Do?” if the company based in Mountain View were put in charge of the public sector.

It apparently didn’t occur to him that the rules and goals the public sector lives by are, or at least should be, different from those of a private company.

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