Negative Approach Towards Blogging

Hey guys, first of all i apologize for not putting out more contents on blogging tips. As from now on I’ll be putting out two contents per week. Not just any kind of contents, but useful and effective one’s.

Without wasting your time, let’s dive into the negative approach towards blogging.

1. Failure To Finding The Right Or Unique Topics To Write About:

One of the basic and necessary requirements to making it as a professional blogger is writing unique contents. Not just anything that comes to mind, but contents that provides solutions to your readers, or contents that answers specific questions.

Examples of unique contents/topics providing solutions include;

A. Blog monetization using 5 basic tips.

B. How to lose weight in 30 days.

C. 5 businesses to start with just $200 e.t.c

The above topics mentioned are just few examples of what a solution providing content looks like.

Provide a different and alternative viewpoint to what bloggers are used to writing online or on their various blogs. When starting up a blog, or if you have already created your blog, don’t be to narrow, always choose broad topics when writing. That way it will offer you more scope for more blog posts rather than just focusing on a single subject entirely.

It’s about finding topics that offers you an even wider scope for multiple posts, which will expand your blog for other primary topics or subjects.

2. Quick Way To Success:

Another negative approach most bloggers make towards blogging, is thinking blogging draws cash fast like a magnet.

I myself made this same mistake when I just started blogging. When I started, I thought the money will just start trooping in ASAP. Weeks after i just launched my blog, i uploaded a mixtape of mine and decided to sell it for $10, lol. What a complete joke. To my greatest surprise, I didn’t even make one penny from the mixtape.

I heard about how people made lots of money from blogging, living the dream I was so carried away, that I forgot all those who made it, went through series of ups and downs, hitting rock bottom, before finally making it.

I really love blogging, as much as i love making music. But i got carried away when I just started, i later got to realize, it’s not all glitter and gold. Work has to be done, time has to be invested before the success comes.

Many people think blogging is a cash cow, they believe once you have a blog, the milking starts. Well, that’s totally false, it takes time, effort and consistency to make a living online. And it’s also not for the faint of heart.

There’s nothing stopping you from making money online, it takes time, learning a lot and HARDWORK. That’s just it.

3. Relying On Only One Source For Blog Growth:

Most people posts contents and just wait for it to reach the right audience. Well, you will wait till enternity for your blog post to reach a huge number of readers.

Being unique is a first step to reaching a good audience, use social media for free advertising e.g using hashtags helps a lot, you may Undermine the powers of hashtags, but it really helps.

Set-up a Facebook or Instagram business page, tweet posts, use Pinterest, and you can also use youtube to push your contents to reach more people. Don’t just limit yourself to facebook and Instagram alone, explore other social media forums.

4. Lack Of Blog Investment:

Most people neither invest their time or money into their blog. If you want to grow, you just have to put in time into blogging.

You can also invest money as well to make your contents reach more audience. For example, paying companies, influencers and other blogs to promote your blog or content can serve as a huge investment.

But ensure your blog is shape, your contents are of high quality and make sure you’re ready to work hard towards putting out more valuable and unique contents, or else whatever money you decide to invest in your blog will go to waste.


I want to say thank you so much for reading this article to this point. If this was in anyway helpful to you, which I believe it was. Please feel free to share it with others or comment below to add to this.

Thank you once again, I’ll be posting another unique content tomorrow. Have a nice day.❤️

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