Attracting More Readers/Visitors And Maintaining Your Current Readers/Visitors On Your Blog

Hey, happy Sunday y’all.❤️ Today I’ll be giving you some tips and insights on attracting new readers/visitors and at the same time maintaining your current readers/visitors.

Every blogger wants to reach new heights, break new grounds, attain success and growth, and at the same time maintain them. But most bloggers focus too much on trying to gain new visitors, readers or subscribers, that at the end of the day, they start losing potential numbers of their already established visitors/readers.

Many bloggers also underestimate the power of blog stats. Your blog stats tells you what to focus on and what not to focus on. There may be certain subjects or topics you’re focusing too much on, that your readers don’t care about, and you’re leaving out the topics they really need, the topics that made them visit or subscribe to your blog in the first place.

For those of you who have been visiting my blog for a long time now, will know that I’ve stopped posting contents about certain categories, topics e.t.c. Reason is because, when i check my stats, they have less views or engagement and those times I’ve focused so much on them, my visitors reduced, and contents engagement was low.

So what did i do, i had to check my insights to discover what my visitors and readers really want, and stop focusing on the less important stuff. Ever since i did that, things changed for good.

If you use WordPress, you can check out your blogs insights on the WordPress app. See want I’m talking about below👇👇👇

Always check your stats, it will show you if you’re making progress or not. It will also give you a breakdown of what to focus on and subjects or topics you should give less attention too e.t.c.

I’ll talk about attracting new readers/visitors, and at the same time maintaining your already established readers/visitors.

NOTE: Its normal for a blog to take some time to gain a good audience. Just have some patience, you’ll be able to build a loyal audience who would be craving for your next post.

You may not see progress for months or maybe a few years, well, that shouldn’t stop you from reaching the top, rather it should serve as a source of experience and growth.

Blogging is an amazing way to attract and retain an audience, no matter what niche or industry you’re into.

Let’s begin.

1. Using Great Contents To Attract More Readers/Visitors:

If your content doesn’t have the answers your audience is looking for, you’ll have a really hard time getting people to visit your blog or subscribe. Let alone a first time visitor returning again. You have to do a research on what your audience really want.

For example; let’s say your blog is about baking cakes or everything about cakes in general. You give them tips on how to design the icing on a cake, how to bake chocolate cake and finally how design and style a cake using different flavours and colours.

Now you either put your stats to use, or you put Google to use. Let’s say you do the research using your stats to see what your audience really want or search for on your cake blog.

Too me, if i happen to visit a cake blog, I’ll definitely search for how to design and style a cake using different flavours and colours, cause it has covered everything or majority of what i need to know about baking a cake. And I’m sure majority will also go for that too.

So now you know what I’m talking about when it comes to providing solutions to your readers.

I always talk about this in almost all my post about blogging. (And don’t mind my spelling of the words “flavour” and “colours”, some spell it as “flavor” and “color”. I’m a Nigerian, so that’s how we spell it.)

Let’s move on.

You can also use tools like Answer the Public when it comes to researching on what your audience want. It will help you with blog post ideas that will get you more blog readers.

You’ll see a well represented visualization of what people are searching for related to your blog topic.

While using all this tools to promote your blog and search for new readers, continue posting and giving your already established audience more answers to topics in other to keep them and not lose them.

2. Pop-ups:

Pop-ups are very crucial and effective when it comes to getting subscribers. You may be getting subscribers slowly, but before you know it, you’ll reach a huge amount of subscribers list.

To Attract readers and not lose them instead, it’s important you pay attention to the design and be creative about it, instead of making it to spamy. This way you’ll be able to maintain a sustainable blog growth, and attract more readers to your blog.

If you’re not a fan of pop-ups, you may consider using;

A. Slide-ins:

They slide in from the side of your page, they’re attractive and don’t interrupt readers.

B. Inline Optins:

This works really well, once your readers are in the middle of reading your post and you’ve captured their attention entirely, on getting to the interesting part of the post, you hide the rest and tell them to subscribe in other to read the full article.

C. After Post Optins:

After a visitor finish reading your post, promise to give them a similar or better blog content and they’ll be happy to visit again or subscribe.

I visit or most times to download movies and series, I’ve not subscribed to any of the sites, but i visit most of the time every week. I’m an example of a returning visitor. When i visited the sites the first time, they made me want to always visit, cause of the amazing contents there.

That’s the benefit of having high quality contents, you either have subscribers or returning visitors. Don’t get too carried away by your subs list, the visitors do the trick and bring in the cash flow.

You can enable pop-ups or any of the above via the customization tab, that’s if you’re making use of WordPress.

3. Ads:

Have you ever visited a site with too much ads chocking your screen,that at the end of the day, you gained nothing, that really makes one go mad.

That’s why i always have ad blockers on, not just me, many readers do. Depending solely on Ads for revenue, will kill your blog fast. Having Ads is not bad, but making it too much is what the problem is.

Most bloggers don’t work hard on their blog, but will choke ads everywhere. How do you even expect to earn money with little contents and so much Ads.

Building your blog to standard using unique contents and persistence will bring in more readers and profit. That way you don’t have to lose all of your existing audience before you realize you’re ruining your blogging career and your blog.

The Ads you see on my blog are always below the post, so that they don’t distract the reader/visitor. That can sometimes piss people off.

Cut down too much Ads, if you want to attract more readers and maintain your existing readers.

4. Free Blog Contents:

If your blog contents helps a lot of people and it’s also free, the growth will be faster than those who put up everything for sale on their blog.

Some of this readers have spent so much on the wrong blogs trying to seek answers that are supposed to be free. And if they happen to stumble on your page and see what they have been looking for, for a long period of time for free after spending so much money, they’ll certainly tell others about your blog, and before you know it your blog will reach places you didn’t know existed.

Those kind of visitors promote your blog more than anyone else. Cause you’ve provided a solution for free, they’ll return the favor by pushing your contents and your blog more.

And if, eventually, you decide to sell anything on your blog, trust me, you’ll make tons of sales.

For example, 500 plus people from various parts of the world gained a lot from your blog, and then starts promoting your blog via Facebook, IG or whatever platform they’re using. Your blog will certainly blow up in real time, and bring in tons of traffic.

Just imagine i start charging you $100 dollars just to read my articles, will you come back again tomorrow, NO you won’t. Most will unsubscribe immediately. Lol.

Give out your knowledge for free and be sure to expect growth. There’s a saying that goes like this, “GIVERS NEVER LACK”. For-real they don’t. Don’t give up, no matter how long it takes, your time will come.


Thank you so much for taking your time to read this article to this point. You’re amazing ❤️❤️❤️feel free to share or add to this in the comment section below. Have a great day once again 💯💯