Blog Creativity And Avoiding Procastination

Creativity is essential when it comes to blogging. In the process of trying to monetize your blogs and build your community, or online presence, you should as well explore creativity at various levels and avoid every form of Procastination.

Procastination is very deadly when it comes to moving forward and progressing in terms of building your blog. Not just in the area of blogging alone, but it affects all other levels of life. Most times, you may not feel like writing or uploading contents, you just have to fight it, and if possible force yourself into writing or uploading contents.

Nothing comes easy if you want growth, or want to succeed in blogging and life in general. Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t be where they are today if they had been procrastinating.

You just have to put in a huge amount of HARDWORK and creativity into your blog, if you want to be at the top.

Creativity is about being different and thinking outside the box. Blogging is not just all about writing and pushing contents out, it’s about standing out from others, it’s about giving your readers that unique feeling whenever they visit your blog, giving them a reason to come back for more and making a difference in their lives.

Your blog should be educative, entertaining and effective in terms of providing solutions and more. It’s ok if you haven’t found the spark yet, or that creative side of yours, when it comes to your blog. That’s why I’m here to help you find out.

When i started blogging at first, I knew my main objective for opening the blog was about entertainment, and other things. But by then (that was October of 2018) i didn’t know how to go about it, or how to be creative about it. Along the line, fast forward to 2019, ideas started coming in.

As at then, i was just publishing post’s without featured image or videos like you see now, and i didn’t have categories like fashion, beauty, health e.t.c. But with time I started to develop, and when I started adding videos, and other categories to my blog (creativity), I was seeing some tremendous amount of change, my visitors started increasing with time, and it came with other benefits as well.

Now without wasting your time, let’s go straight to the point.

1. Think Outside The Box:

Doing something you’re afraid of trying out can get the creative ideas flowing.

Before I introduced other categories to my blog, I was having double thoughts, I was like, will they like it, will it be boring to them?, Should I focus purely on entertainment alone and leave other things out?, what if I introduce beauty and fashion categories to my blog, will it be a huge turn off to my visitors? e.t.c. But i gave it a try, and the outcome was very successful and amazing.

Even before i started writing about blogging tips, I was in huge doubt and thought no one will actually read what i would have to say about blogging or my blogging experience. I thought they would focus purely on entertainment, fashion e.t.c.

It was just few hours to the ending of the year 2019 that I published my first blog post about blogging tips, been thankful for the growth i had experienced Months after launching my blog. And the reaction i received in terms of views was totally huge, and that same post also got shared on THE BLOGGING STATION.

You can read my first post about blogging tips HERE if you haven’t read it before.

Do you write short post? Write something longer. Try including videos for illustrative purposes, or for better understanding, try including pictures, gifs e.t.c in your posts to attract more readers and establish an amazing connection with your readers.

You can also be funny in your posts as well, you might just be surprised at your readers reaction and engagement to your posts, and every other contents you publish. Don’t be afraid to give whatever creative idea that comes to your mind a try.

2. Tell A Personal Story Or Experience:

One of the most undermined and underutilized form of creativity is story telling.

Tell your story, share your experiences. This can help you in so many ways creatively blog about a topic.

I always do this in almost all my posts when I’m giving tips on blogging. Like what i just did above, telling you about my blogging experience when it comes to creativity in blogging, as well as my other posts.

This helps a lot, and it gives your readers an idea of what you’re talking about. You always have to back what you say with an example.

3. Change Of Scenery:

This is also underestimated but effective. Go outside your house, go to a cafe near you or change the room or place where you mostly write blog articles, and believe me, you’ll be even more creative and productive than you’ve been in the past few days.

You don’t have to do it all the time. But a change of location, place or room can spark up ideas.

A tree outside your house can spark a creative idea, even the chair or flower in the next room can spark up an idea. Try this out, it definitely works. TRUST ME.

4. Visualization:

Start with an idea of the post you want to write about, find images or things to fit in that post of yours. You may come across various ideas, be it about potatoes, flowers, or it may even be about your experience as a 15 year old growing up.

Things like this can anchor in huge and life changing contents that will provide solutions, not only solutions but it will bring in huge amounts of profit for you and will as well grow your blogging community.

Take Elon Musk for example, before he became who he was today, he at one point had to visualize what he really wanted to invent, many ideas came in off course, but there was something that sparked an idea of him creating space like and futuristic vehicles.

Or take Netflix for example. Before Netflix, people mostly watched movies via CDs, or other old equipments. Some of these CDs or DVDs don’t last long, and if a CD had a little scratch on it, that movie is gone. You had to go buy a new one, in the process spending more money.

But with the introduction of Netflix and other movie sites, you can watch movies anytime anywhere. That is the result of visualization. It Sparks great ideas.

5. Creating Connections Between Two Things:

What inspires you, or what interests you in life? Do you love fashion, and does music inspire you? Find a connection between the two and get creative.

It doesn’t have to be fashion and music, it could be anything. Looking for the connection between what inspires you and what interests you can bring out the creativity in you.

For me, I love music and entertainment, anything entertainment. This sparked some ideas in me into adding more categories and introduce other things outside of my niche into my blog. I have other amazing ideas, I can’t wait to share with my visitors and readers, with time I’ll reveal it you all.

6. Don’t Pressurize Yourself Too Much About Monetizing Your Blog And Driving Traffic:

The pressure of driving traffic to your blog and making money from your blog can affect creativity.

I’m not saying making money and working to attract traffic is bad, all I’m saying is, making it your number one priority whenever you blog or push out contents, will limit your creativity and you’ll end up pushing out low quality contents.

Take a magnet for example, when you put an iron close to a magnet, it attracts that iron. The magnet doesn’t move an inch, but the iron does.

Same applies to blogging, when you work hard, get creative and put in your absolute best in your blog, money and traffic will come on their own accord.

Worrying about money too much will drive you nuts, after months or even years of not making a penny from your blog. If you don’t put in work, and just think too much about money, your life as a blogger will crumble because of lack of patience and persistence.

This is one of the reasons why most blogs, open and close down within just few months of blogging.

Give yourself the permission to fail without worrying about money and traffic. This way you’ll learn more, and gain more experience before the real growth starts. It takes time, don’t give up, it’s totally worth it.

Take a look at yourself and your blog from when you started and now, I’m sure there were improvements. No matter how small the growth is, don’t ever underrate it. Most bloggers are praying to be in the position you’re in now.

Be greatful. Where I am now was my prayer point as at 2018. I thought it would take me years, but it was as if the growth just happened in 25 days. So don’t give up at all, your time will come. Keep working hard.❤️


If you read this post to this point, you’re amazing, and God bless you. Your Glory days are fast approaching, keep working steady.

Feel free to add to this in the comment section below, and do share it as well. Thank you.🙏💯💯