Blog Efficiency And The Tools Needed For Building An A+ Brand

Blogging is an amazing and wonderful way of keeping your readers entertained, informed about a new product, development or on the latest happenings. However, with our busy schedules, it can be a challenge to blog regularly.

Nothing is as bad as a blog that hasn’t been updated in months, you’ll lose readers, visitors and it will be difficult for you to gain the confidence of the remaining readers left, and attract any new readers.

Below are some tips on blogging efficiently;

1. What Is Your Purpose For Blogging:

What is your main purpose and objective of having a blog?

Many people open blogs for the sake of opening blogs, or cause their friends have blogs and are successful at it, so they decide to open a blog without any clear objective of what they want to achieve from their blogging efforts.

Some examples of blogging purposes includes;

A. Blogging For Money:

Everyone would definitely love to make money doing what they love. Same applies to bloggers.

You start a blog, publish amazing contents, get traffic, monetize your blog via affiliate marketing, adverts or otherwise.

B. Blogging For Traffic:

One of the major objectives of every blog is growth. Before starting up a blog, you need to decide on your main goal and objective, because this can change your approach towards blogging.

If you’re blogging for money, you need to focus more on contents related to keywords that can generate you more money.

And if you’re blogging for growth and traffic, you should blog more on trending topics.

My website is an example of both and even more. I will explain more about keywords to use for both money and traffic in my next post.

2. Carry Out Research Before Writing:

The most critical and time consuming part of blogging is the content creation process.

Your goal is to make your blog post outstanding and different from what’s already published on what you’re writing about.

You can use Google in terms of carrying out research, search for keywords that will strengthen your blog post.

Writing based on your experience, or knowledge about certain topics can be of help to your blog post, and it can help it go viral in so many ways possible.

Most of what i write about are based on my experience as a blogger and the knowledge i have on all the topics i write about.

Taking notes is also a fundamental key to blog efficiency. Ideas can come in when you’re on your bed, outside e.t.c. Always learn to take notes when those ideas come in, you can either save those ideas on your phone or write them down.

3. Always Choose A Good Post Title:

Your post titles has to be catchy and attractive. An attractive headline or title attracts more readers than an ordinary title or a title without no sauce in it.

It also has to be SEO friendly so as to Increase your chances of getting a higher ranking. Topics are very key and essential to every blog, when new visitors visit your site, the first thing that will attract their attention is your topics.

Having a great blog topic or headline is what will make them click and engage on your posts more. The better the headline, the better your chances of getting more traffic.

4. Ensure You Beautify Your Work Before Publishing It:

After you’ve prepared an attractive headline and written down an amazing post, your next step is to spice things up.

Make use of bold or italics to highlight important points, ensure links are easily identifiable, make use of subheadings, add images or videos to enable your readers understand better, ensure you make references to posts or videos from other sites.

All these little, but overlooked details can make your post easier to read and understand, it makes it look professional and can keep readers engaged to your post more often.

5. Sharing Your Contents Is Vital:

You can’t succeed as a blogger, or have a successful website if no one reads your posts at all.

The use of advertising, social media, content distribution e.t.c is another way of getting your post to so many people. You have to invest in your blog if you want to experience growth, there are no shortcuts to this.

Below are some steps to follow once you hit the publish button;

• Share the post on your social media business page, either on Instagram or Facebook.

Use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook promotion Ads to promote your contents.

You can also promote your contents on or, you can also search for sites based on your niche to promote your contents.

Send mails to other bloggers to promote your post.

6. Consistency:

Consistency brings fast results to your blog. New contents are been searched for daily via search engines and social media platforms. So providing your readers with new contents daily, or at least 5 days a week will rapidly increase your blogs growth.


Thank you for taking your time to read this article, you’re amazing.❤️

If you however have anything to add to this, feel free to hit the comment section below.

You can reach out to me or discuss anything with me via email: or via IG/Snapchat @vistiix, my phone number is below my website, just in case you need to hmu via WhatsApp.

Thanks once again for taking out time to read this post. Feel free to share it as well.❤️💯

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