10 Types Of Blog Posts To Write About

I’ll be showing you different types of blog posts that will work for whatever niche you’re into. These types of blog posts will make things simple, easy, effective, and interesting for you and your readers.

1. List Articles:

List articles or “listicles” is an article made of list, usually with an extra detail to each of them.

The formats for writing listicles are easy and flexible. A listicle consist of a title, 5 or more subheadings, and a picture below each of them for better understanding.

Listicles can make complicated topics easier to read and understand.

Perhaps it’s a list of your favorite places to eat, tourist locations around the world, or a grocery list e.t.c.

Listicles are straight forward and easy to understand.

2. Tutorials & Tips:

Tutorials and tips are the easiest and effective types of blog posts you could write about.

These types of posts talk about products and services you’re familiar with. They are posts that explains how to use a particular product, and solve basic problems.

Example of a tutorial & tips type of post;

β€’ How to drive a car.

β€’ Skincare tips for a brighter skin.

β€’ How to monetize your blog.

The key aspect of a tutorial or tips type of post is to breakdown your tutorial into the most simplest and easiest way possible. Don’t just assume they know what your talking about.

That’s why it’s a tutorial, always back it up with examples, videos, pictures e.t.c

3. Latest News:

Writing about the latest trends in your niche will get your post read. People go online everyday searching for new inventions, news, cloths, gadgets e.t.c.

Find recent events and happenings in your industry and blog about them. Add flavour to it, connect links or video links as well to beautify your post, and you’ll have a new blog posts in minutes without stress.

So whenever you run out of ideas, go online, conduct research on your niche or industry about the latest happenings and write about them.

4. Reviews:

We all look for reviews before using a product or purchasing an item. Writing reviews about the latest products or services you’ve used or bought will be beneficial to your readers.

Writing about the pros and cons of the products you’ve used, and giving your recommendation about those products and services will bring in a lot of traffic to your blog.

It may not seem like much work, but trust me it’s the type of post that drives people to read your article more often.

5. Inspirational Stories:

Talk about how your mum, sibling or friend inspired you to start your craft. Talk about your road to success, Talk about what you went through in life and how you overcame that problem e.t.c. Share some good news.

Inspirational Stories, and stories that give hope are stories that go viral because it’s something most would love to experience themselves.

Share your story of hope and inspire people through it. Your ups and downs, your road to success, and how you achieved success is a story that needs to be told.

6. Funny posts:

You could post memes, funny videos or always write about something funny. Blogs like this always have a high number of audiences and they experience growth regularly.

Please don’t try this if you have no clue about comedy, you might regret opening that blog in the first place.

7. Event Summaries:

You can write a post or share videos about an event or conference. e.g fashion events, sporting events e.t.c

What did you think about the conference or event? Will you go again next year? e.t.c. These are the questions people think about when they want to attend an event or conference.

8. Giveaways:

Giveaway posts can get you tons of traffic and shares. These are the types of posts that quickly go viral and help you boost your traffic.

You can either offer physical products, free e-books or something around your niche of work.

To run giveaways, you should use Rafflepress if your site runs on WordPress. πŸ‘‡

9. Case Study:

A case study is another great choice to write about for your next blog post.

You can either write about yourself or someone else. You can write about how you achieved success in your blog or business.

10. Hacks:

A blog post with great hacks, e.g phone hacks, hair growth hacks e.t.c always attracts more audience.

These ideas help people find a quick solution to their problems. People are constantly looking for such types of post.


Thanks for taking your time to read this article. Feel free to add to this in the comment section, and share it as well.❀️