The Best Gel Nail Kits for At-Home Manicures

If you’ve been hesitant to use a gel nail kit at home, let us hit you with two pieces of good news: It’s now easier than ever to score a flawless DIY manicure or pedicure from your couch, and there are tons of starter kit options available online.

The perks of a gel manicure are endless. The whole process takes just a few simple steps, there’s no dry time (meaning no smudges). Plus, since the popularity of gel nail kits has soared in recent years, there are now enough shades of gel polishes to rival those of regular nail polish. {ET}

Check out the best gel nail kits out there for you.👇

Sally Hansen.

You can always count on Sally Hansen to deliver a great all-in-one nail product. This gel starter kit includes an LED light, a base coat, a top coat, nail color (in shade Shell We Dance), cleanser pads, polish remover and handy application accessories like a cuticle stick and buffer.

It’s available for $59.99 at ULTRA.

Le Mini Macaron.

This cute little kit is USB-powered, so you can plug it in pretty much anywhere, even into your laptop. You’ll be doing your nails one at a time, and the polish cures in 30 seconds flat. This kit comes with a macaroon-inspired LED lamp that flips open for pedicures, gel polish (choose from red, pink or maroon), a cuticle stick, a nail file and 10 polish remover wraps.

You can get it for $35 at URBAN OUTFITTERS.


This four-piece starter kit contains the basics for a high-gloss at-home manicure that should last up to two weeks. Included are an LED lamp, gel nail polish in Red Your Profile, a double-sided nail file and a manicure stick.

It’s available for $16.34 at WALMART.

Shany Cosmetics.

if you’re all set on nail polish but need a new (or better) LED lamp, this dryer is a good pick. It works with all brands and types of gel polish, and it’s spacious enough for people with bigger hands and/or longer fingers. This lamp is so good that you might see it in a professional salon.

You can get it for $35.49 at OVERSTOCK.

Red Carpet Manicure.

The name says it all: Red Carpet Manicure. Get a celeb-worthy look on the go thanks to a battery-operated portable LED light. This kit also supplies you with a nail prep sanitizer, a base coat, red polish, a top coat, cuticle oil and nail polish remover. The light requires 4 AA batteries (not included), and you can use the AC adapter as well.

You can get it for $42.99 at WALMART.


This three-in-one nail station is designed for people who love an organized space as much as they love fresh nails. Store up to 10 nail polishes and an assortment of nail tools in this no-touch, auto-sensor UV-LED light.

You can get it for 39.99 at BED BATH & BEYOND.

Red Carpet Manicure.

If you’re used to getting dip manis, you can now do it at home in three steps! This set includes a base coat, activator, top gel, powder color and remover foils, plus accessories like wood sticks and a buffer. This one doesn’t involve gels or an LED lamp, but it is a cool nail kit.

You can get it for 48.99 at WALMART.

Equate Beauty.

Whether you’re trying to remove a salon manicure or one you’ve done yourself, resist the urge to pick at it and risk damaging your nails. This gel remover kit gets even the toughest job done — just add acetone remover to the pot, let the low-temperature steam loosen the polish on your nails and then gently scrape off the rest with a file or cuticle stick.

You can get it for $24.97 at WALMART.