How To Maintain And Build A Solid Blog

Maintaining a blog needs serious work and dedication if you want it to grow and be highly effective. In as much as we want to always post contents on our sites daily…we can’t always guarantee the time to do so.

That’s why it’s good and advisable to always create an adequate schedule or select specific days of the week to post contents.

How To Maintain And Build A Solid Blog:

1. Ensure Your Blog Is Easily Accessible:

People love a blog that’s easily accessible, stress-free and understandable. Having an easily accessible blog will make your readers engage with your post more often, it will increase your growth rate, and will make a first time visitor come back for more.

A scattered and an unorganized blog will chase visitors and readers away, rather than increase growth. That’s why WORDPRESS to me is the best platform one can use to open a blog, and also maintain it. With numerous amounts of amazing themes to choose from, tons of effective tools to use e.t.c . WordPress provides you a solid platform to create an effective blog, maintain it, and gives you tools to provide your readers and visitors an amazing experience.

2. Simplicity:

Make sure you know what you want to talk about, do some research and keep it simple. It’s easier to grow your blog and attract more readers when your posts are always direct and easy to understand, instead of writing long “junks” with no meaning or clear purpose.

Simplicity is the easiest way to maintain and grow a solid blog. But it’s often neglected.

Always plan out and simplify your posts for better understanding. If you keep confusing your readers on each posts, and at the end of the day, you don’t provide them with the answers they were looking for…they will definitely not stick around, trust me.

3. Consistency:

Consistency is an essential key and requirement for maintaining a blog.

Going silent without posting for a long period of time with no explanation will make you lose a lot of your readers and visitors. They will eventually get tired of always checking your blog and not seeing anything new.

It’s up to you to decide how often you want to post, just be consistent.

4. Buy A Domain Name:

Don’t Pressurize yourself into buying a domain name if you just started, but once you notice steady growth, ensure you buy a domain name cause the credibility and advantages it provides is highly effective and beneficial.

Buying a domain name will unlock a lot of tools you can use to build a solid blog. Tools that are not available for a free domain.

5. Keep Notes And Create A Calendar For Blogging:

Always keep your phone or jotter close to you, cause ideas might come in at anytime. When those ideas come in, make sure you write them down or save them on your phones (notepad).

By doing so, you’ll have something to write about whenever ideas run out of your head. You can easily go back to that saved idea you wrote down few weeks back and write about them.

It can be very difficult to blog consistently, that’s why it’s advisable you create a calendar for your blog posts. You may be busy with one thing or the other, having a calendar and a reminder will help you to be consistent.

You can easily set-up days you feel will be suitable for you to blog on your phone and easily set-up a reminder as well so don’t forget.

6. What’s Your Purpose For Blogging?

Blogging without a clear objective or purpose is not advisable at all. You need to figure out why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Is it because you love blogging? Is it because you want to help others in a particular niche? Is because you want to give tutorials on certain topics? Do you want to sell a book or product? Or anything else. Make sure you have a purpose.

A purpose serves as a guide, a drive and a motivation to reach your goals. Without that guide, drive or motivation… you’ll surely end up in a ditch. That’s why thousands of blogs open a closes yearly.


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