Key Approaches To Blogging

Blogging is all about flexibility and having a purpose. Whatever approach you choose towards blogging, or whatever way or technique you use to run your blog is completely up to you.

I’ll be showing you the key and vital approaches to blogging just in case you haven’t figured out why you’re blogging, or what to do with your blog.

Approaches To Blogging.

1. Blogging As A Hobby:

Blogging as a hobby is a process by which an individual blogs about what’s interesting to him or her.

Blogging as a hobby is done for the following reasons;

• Just for fun.

• Used as a journal.

• Focused on specific topics. Topics that are of interest to the hobby blogger.

You do whatever you want as a hobby blogger, without any restrictions or concerns. A large majority of blogs out there are hobby blogs.

So, just in case you feel confused about what to use your blog for…you could easily become a hobby blogger, and blog about your interests.👌

2. Promotional Blogging:

These types of blogs are created solely for promotional or informational purposes. It’s more like you’re building a brand for yourself, and making your name known to the general public.

If you’re a consultant, an agent, a fashion designer, a model, or an influencer…you definitely need a promotional blog for your business.

You monetize your blog by putting out informations about yourself and your business, like your contact info, email, e.t.c. It’s just to give the public a clear way of how you can be contacted or hired for a job or service.

For example, if you’re a make-up artist and you don’t know what to do with your blog…you should definitely open a promotional blog, showcase your make-up products, make-up tutorials e.t.c.

Ensure your contact and email details are easily accessible to the public, just in case someone wants to hire you, make enquiries about your make-up products or a big brand like Vogue want to make you their ambassador.

3. Professional Blogging:

A professional blogger specifically targets a market and does not blog about anything he/she finds interests in, or self promote his or her self.

You monetize through ads, affiliate marketing, and selling of products and books.

A professional blogger writes posts to attract audience, and in the long run monetize their blogs.

It requires having an excellent writing skill and a marketing skill as well.

Professional blogging has lots of benefits like having a vast variety of audience, unlike the aforementioned above, your audience is not just limited to a particular category alone.

You’ll also earn a lot from your professional blog, you’ll eventually become a power networker, your creativity will also increase e.t.c

So, do you look forward to being a professional blogger like me…if yes, you should definitely start up a professional blog.

NOTE: You can become successful, attract more audience, and earn a lot no matter what approach you choose. Ensure you’re consistent and always working hard.


Thank you so much for reading my post to the end, God bless you.❤️ You’re special.

Feel free to comment and share it with as many people as possible. And make sure you stay indoors, wash your hands regularly and take care of yourself.😇😇