Demi Lovato Accidentally Made A Cameo On New Boyfriend’s IG Live 

The singer accidentally made a cameo appearance on Max Ehrich’s video, as he entertained fans on social media. Lovato, unaware that Ehrich was livestreaming, entered the shot with a blanket, seemingly to wrap around her new man’s shoulders.

“I’m on live!” her boyfriend whispered to her as she approached, but she didn’t hear him until she got closer. “I’m on live!” Ehrich told her again, before Lovato gasped, quickly lifted the blanket to cover her face and ran out of the shot.

The actor couldn’t help but laugh at Lovato mistakenly crashing the party.

A source revealed that the pair’s relationship was new and that they met just a few weeks ago. According to the source, the two are greatly enjoying spending time together.