7 Straightforward Tips And Tricks For Blogging📌

Blogging gets more advanced and competitive each year. The readers and visitors are always expecting something new, amazing, impactful, and beneficial every year.

So in order for you to meet up with these high demands and not lose your readers and visitors due to lack of innovation…you should definitely consider following the steps below.

First things first, before i dive into the tips and tricks for blogging, I’ll briefly talk about choosing a perfect and amazing name for your blog.

Your blogs name is the first thing to choose wisely before opening a blog. It has to have this key characteristic;👇

➡️ It Has To Be Easy To Remember:

Using a sophisticated name for your blog is definitely not a good idea. It will make it difficult for people to remember your blog, especially the first time visitors.

The following are the examples of blogs with amazing names;

Vogue.com, eonline.com, Forbes.com e.t.c. You can also use your name, instead of choosing something long and stressful. e.g James.com

7 Tips And Tricks For Blogging.

1. Choose The Right Blogging Platform:

This is an important first step to blogging. You also have to remember and understand that whatever decision you make is crucial.

You have to settle down and choose wisely, the platform that fits you better. You have to consider various options, make research, compare prices e.t.c before launching your blog.

You have to ask yourself these questions;

Can i afford the available monthly/yearly plans?

What platform will serve me better?

Is it user friendly or is it difficult to use?

Will it be a good choice for my niche?

Will it be easily accessible to my audience?

After asking yourself these questions and getting your answers, you need to make proper research on whatever platform you choose to use.

Too me, the best platform to use is WordPress. It’s user friendly, affordable, unique and it will serve your every need.

Having a good platform will make your readers easily navigate your blog, have easy access to contents on your blog, and also have a wonderful experience.

But a bad platform will chase people away, and you’ll have a hard time gaining audience.

2. Choose A Lightweight Theme:

After choosing a good platform, the next thing to do is to choose a theme that represents your brand properly.

The less elements there are on a page, the faster it loads. Pick a theme that only has the framework of what you need, and while doing so, you should make user experience your key priority.

3. Run A Vulnerability Scan On Your WordPress Blog:

Whenever you install a new plugin, always ensure you run a quick vulnerability scan to avoid any security lapses.

WPscan is a WordPress vulnerability plugin you can use to scan for any security threats on your site. You should also install a wordfence plugin.

It’s features consist of a web application firewall that blocks malicious traffic and malware scanner to maintain your WordPress installation integrity.

4. Backup Plugin:

Your blog should be considered as a huge investment, and as such it must be protected.

Create backups for your blog files by installing softwares like Dropmysite or with the built in backup tool.

5. Monetization:

The more traffic you get, the more money you make. That’s the simple truth.

➡️Ensure your contents are of quality and high standard.

➡️Pick a post from your lists of posts and run a paid advert online.

➡️Sell your products and services once you have a large audience. But don’t do it in excess, you’ll lose a lot of your audience once it becomes too much.

(I personally haven’t ran a paid ad campaign yet online, I mostly just use hashtags, and i receive lots of visitors each week.

I’ll run a paid ad probably this month or the next, and I’ll share with you screenshots of the amazing results)

6. Honesty:

Most bloggers get carried away and loose focus the moment they start gaining large amounts of traffic.

They focus too much on monetization, making it their number one priority, and they become very reckless with their credibility.

For example;

A blogger begins to write fake reviews of affiliate progress for the sake of sales without testing any of those products at all.

As time goes on, readers begin to notice this, before you know it, their trust begins to drop gradually, the bloggers brand begins to collapse little by little, and in no time, that blogger returns to square one.

Take Note Of The Following;

➡️ Before you write any reviews, make sure you tests those products very well so don’t mislead your readers. And don’t be afraid of giving negative reviews as well.

➡️ Don’t make up a fake story about your product or brand. Be real and authentic.

7. Be Innovative:

Learn to advance with the latest trends and improve your blogging abilities.

Introduce new topics, be creative with your contents, introduce videos and pictures in your contents for readers to have a better understanding of what your talking about.

Know what your audience needs and be creative about it.

For example;

You own a car blog, and what you’ve been doing for the past three years is just showing your audience pictures of different types cars around the world.

They’ll definitely get bored at some point. But when you spice things up by writing about the history of those cars, writing about the engines and how they work, and even going as far as showing them videos of the production process involved in making those cars, e.g the designing process, the turning of the raw parts into finished products. e.t.c

They’ll definitely love it, engage with your posts more often and come back for more. And your car blog will also attract more audience.

Be innovate each year, and try to come up with something new and unique. By doing so, you’ll grow more audience and make lots of profit.


Thank you so much for taking out your time to read my post. God bless.💗

You can also share it with as many people as possible. Make sure you stay safe, take care of yourself, and live a healthy life.