Why No One’s Reading Your Blog Posts & How To Make Them Start Reading

One of the major factors leading to the termination of so many blogs is low engagement and readership.

It can be very difficult for a person to maintain positivity and remain motivated to blog if he or she is receiving low engagement on a post.

I’ll be showing you little tips on how to make people read your posts more often.

How To Make People Read Your Blog Posts:

➡️ Be Authentic:

Most people focus on stuffing keywords all over their posts, and writing for search engine rankings e.t.c. It’s important to note that while using keywords, you should consider being yourself and authentic to the readers.

Using keywords isn’t bad at all. But using it in excess is the problem. When you’re new to the blogging business and you want to grab the attention of the readers who will find value in your work, you must focus on writing for the readers and not for some Google search ranking.

Keyword stuffing can kill your contents value, and make readers get bored easily.

You can start your post with a keyword, then be authentic in the next few lines before sprinkling other keywords around. Being authentic and creative on your posts can attract more readers and improve your rankings without the use of any keyword.

Lack of blog authenticity is one of the reasons why people don’t read your posts.

➡️ Blog Design:

Blog designs also aid in attracting more readers. An unattractive blog can chase people away easily.

Your contents may be great, but once your blog is scattered, not organized and difficult for readers to easily access and navigate…it will be difficult for you to attract any new readers or even get people to read your posts.

Make sure your designs are simple and attractive.

When someone visits your blog for the first time, he/she will be looking at your designs. If your design is professional, you’ll be able to convert a first time visitor to a regular visitor.

So, if you’re receiving low engagement on your posts, you should consider checking your blog design.

➡️ Long Paragraphs Don’t Always Work:

Long paragraphs are amazing, but it doesn’t always work out everytime. It may get boring and confusing to your readers sometimes.

Short paragraphs are easy to read and digest, they’re straight forward, and they also give the readers a clear understanding of what your talking about.

Whenever you’re writing about a topic, go straight to the point. If it requires a lot of explaining, then you can write long paragraphs. But if it’s something that requires little explaining, please don’t beat around the bush, just go straight to the point.

➡️ Too Much Ads And Pop-ups:

Too many Ads on a site can be very annoying. They’ll chase readers away with ease. No one wants to read a blog post with too many Ads in between them.

Try organizing the way you keep Ads on your site. Don’t make it too much and too spamy. You can’t make money just by pasting more Ads on your site.

Too much Ads may be the reason why you’re experiencing low engagement. Learn to monitor the Ads on your blog.


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