UN Criticises ‘Lack Of Leadership’ + Armed Protesters Enter Michigan State Capitol

UN chief Antonio Guterres is criticising the lack of international cooperation in the Coronavirus crisis. He said there was a ‘lack of leadership’ and that the international community was not united but divided.

Guterres aslo says a UN appeal for 2 billion dollars for the most vulnerable, including refugees and internally displaced people, has only been half funded.

He says he is especially concerned about the situation in Africa. In Kenya, the government has banned entry to two refugee camps housing 400-thousand people.

In the US state of Michigan, hundreds of demonstrators crowded inside the capitol building on Thursday to protest the governor’s coronavirus lockdown order. Some demonstrators carried rifles and attempted to enter the legislative chamber, but were held back by police.

Meanwhile more than two dozen states are moving ahead with plans to relax coronavirus restrictions and re-open their economies. Federal social-distancing guidelines to curb the spread of the virus expire at midnight local time on Thursday, and are not being extended.

Speaking at the White House, President Trump again spoke of the need to re-start the economy, despite warnings from infectious disease experts of a possible resurgence of the outbreak. {DW News}

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