What To Do If Your Blog’s Traffic Is Decreasing?

It can be very frustrating to keep experiencing decrease in traffic every week, even after working hard enough to ensure you put out more contents each week.

We all want growth in our various blogs…but if it doesn’t happen, what do you do? I’ll be showing you some tips on how to bring traffic to your blog once again.

What To Do?

1. Use Of Social Media:

One of the reasons why your blog is experiencing decrease is the fact that you’re not using social media to your advantage.

Your site’s popularity on social media is important and beneficial for your SEO. The more people talk about your blog online, the more growth you experience.

Social media is a different kind of market place. If your blog or product is considered to be among the best, you’ll definitely experience a large number of growth.

Another way you can grow your blog again is by making use of the promo button. Customize your blog’s page to make it look professional, upload amazing contents on social media and on your blog, promote those contents to a specific audience in your niche, or to a larger audience to increase your blogs traffic once again and earn more.

2. Write About What People Search For The Most.

If you’ve been writing about a specific topic every time without exploring other options…well, that’s one of the reasons why your blog’s traffic has been decreasing.

Your visitors will eventually get tired of seeing the same callibre of posts every time they visit your blog. Whatever niche you’re into, try exploring and making research on various aspects of that niche, what people search for the most in the niche you’re into, and write about them.

Writing articles similar to your successful posts is a good strategy to get more visitors.

3. Blog Partnership:

Another way to grow your blog is to partner with other big bloggers in your niche.

When you partner with a big blogger who already has thousands or millions of visitors coming in each month…he/she will re-blog your contents or share them on his social media page whenever you post them.

This will give you more exposure to a larger audience, and it will give your blog more value, because people will have the belief that your blog must be special, and worth reading for a big blogger to re-blog or share your contents on his/her website or social media page.

4. Be Creative:

One of the reasons why you’re experiencing decrease in traffic is because your blog is boring.

It’s boring because it doesn’t have images, videos, charts or infographs to make it visually attractive.

As human beings, our brains prefer visual elements. We love colours and objects because aesthetics trigger emotional responses in our brains, making us more engaged to a movie, video, painting, our surroundings e.t.c.

Images or videos in your blog posts grabs readers attention, and makes them more engaged to not only the image, but the text around it.

So, use of videos or images in your blog posts can increase traffic.


Thanks for reading my article. You’re the best. And I’m so sorry for not uploading more contents like i use to on the ‘blogging tips’ category, I’ll Improve.

Stay safe, and stay healthy.❤️

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