Key Ingredients You Need To Start Using If You Want To Spice Up Your Blog’s Contents

Writing a quality blog article that will attract the attention of a large audience is not an easy task. It requires certain ingredients for it to be considered a quality content.

Most bloggers ignore these simple but sophisticated ingredients that are essential, and key to writing a great content.

Let’s get started.👇👇👇


1. Irresistible Headlines:

Your headline is the most important part of whatever content you’re about to publish. No matter how great and powerful your content is, once your headline is boring or useless, trust me, no one will read that article of yours.

You have to capture people’s attention through your headline if you want them to read your article.

2. Go Gun’s Blazing (Your Article Should Start With A Bang):

After having a powerful headline and attracting an audience, what’s next?

You should be able to capture the readers attention in the first few sentences of your article, or else they’ll bounce and get pissed off, and they probably wouldn’t click on your post next time no matter how catchy the headline is.

You might be wondering how to go Gun’s Blazing in the opening line of your article…no worries fela, i gatchu, below are some few steps.👇👇


➡️ Ask a question.

➡️ Invoke the mind’s eye.

➡️ Cite an incredible statistic.

➡️ Start with a mind blowing story to get the readers stuck into seeing how the whole article unfolds.

3. Use Persuasive Words:

Your goal is to attract people through your words and make them take action…well, in order to do so, you have to be persuasive, you have to know your way around the right words to use so as to capture the mind of your readers and keep them glued to your article, and also make them want more of where that came from.😉

4. Good Sentence (Not Too Bulky):

It’s just human nature for people to see a massive paragraph and just skim through it, reading just the first and last few sentences.

Go straight to the point when writing an article, don’t fill the page with nonsense cause you want to use certain keywords so as to get a higher ranking on Google.

Straight forward articles are the most engaged articles. It not only interests the reader, it makes your article easy to understand and interact with.🤷


➡️ Insert facts.

➡️ Evoke emotion.

➡️ Make your words simple and easy to understand.

5. Bullet Points:

Bullet points makes the readers more engaged with the article. Using bullet points to pinpoint certain aspects of your article helps the readers understand the basics of your article.

It is very helpful when it comes to writing an article.

6. Subheadings:

It’s so boringgggggggg to read a very long article with no subheadings. It becomes exhausting at some point.

Subheadings are mini headlines that organize your post and give readers a little slice of what to expect.


This is where I’ll be stopping for now, hope this article was helpful and impactful.❤️ Thanks for reading my article to the end, you’re amazing.

Feel free to share and comment below. 😊

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