6 Steps On How To Be A Unique Blogger

Today I’ll be talking about the steps you need to take to become a unique blogger.

Your blogs uniqueness depends on your own uniqueness as a person.


1. Writing Skills:

The first step to becoming a unique blogger is in your writing technique. You need to develop a unique, excellent, and never before seen kind of approach when it comes to writing.

In order for you to be a unique blogger, you need to be able to convince your audience, connect with them emotionally through your writing, spark an idea in their minds through your writing, attract and make them addicted through your writing skills or through the contents you post on your blog.

You need to also be a good story teller so as to spice things up and keep them reading non-stop and wanting more, especially if your blog is more of written contents than a blog with more of video contents, like mine.

You can also be a unique blogger if you run a blog that publishes more video contents. The videos you upload and the impact of those videos on your audience is what differenciates and makes you a unique blogger.

2. Topics:

The topics you write about makes you a unique blogger. There are bloggers who just write about the same thing over and over again…they just change some parts of the headlines, but it’s still the same thing they’ve talked about in like 20 different other posts of theirs.

You’ll certainly become so boring and will definitely not experience any progress no matter how little if you keep writing about the same things over and over again.

You need to start writing articles or putting out contents that provides answers and solutions to issues in your niche or in general.

What i’m saying is, for example, if you’re an entertainment blogger, you need to blog about the most recent entertainment happenings, and if you’re a fashion blogger, you need to blog about the recent trends, upcoming trends, behind the scenes exclusives of how the biggest trends were made e.t.c

Well, I hope you understand what I’m saying. You need to write about topics that people mostly search for online, topics that really matter.

3. Blogs Design:

Your blogs look is a way to make an impression, grab attention and standout from the crowd. Take a look at vogue.com as an example of a unique blog design.

Your blogs design determines your uniqueness.

4. Up To Date:

Another way to be a unique blogger is your ability to provide up to date contents before any other blog does.

When you’re always the first to provide quality contents, you automatically become a unique and highly respected blogger. Your blogs growth level will skyrocket, and every post you publish will be given special treatment by your audience.

5. Use Of Media:

Clever use of videos, images, audio and texts all in one post has a real and lasting impact on your audience. That’s another form of blogging that makes you unique.

6. Huge Vault Of Resources:

Having a blog filled with lots of resources can make a blogger successful and unique.

When a blog is filled with lots of resources, it means a blog has tons of high valued contents, contents that can still be useful even after so many years.

Having a blog with quality contents that your audience can still go back and relate to after several years is UNIQUE!


I’m sorry for not updating the “blogging tips” category regularly, I’ve been too busy with other things.

Not to worry, I’ll be publishing another amazing post before the end of the week.

Thanks for taking your time to read my article, you’re too incredible.😘

Feel free to comment or share. Stay safe and stay healthy.❤️

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