11 Proven Health Benefits Of Ginger

Today’s video will be discussing 11 proven health benefits of ginger. Can it treat nausea? Is it good for sore muscles and pain? Will it increase your immunity? What about helping with indigestion? This video will be talking about all of this and more. (📹: Bestie)

8 Foods You Should Never Eat Raw!

There are some foods that just don’t taste good when uncooked. How bad are potatoes? How about wild mushrooms? Are raw hotdogs really that bad? Can some of these foods actually kill you? This video will be talking about all that and more. (📹: Bestie)

Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine

From improving heart health, gut health, giving you a longer life, fighting off cold to giving you stronger bones and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them. Just remember wine is beneficial only in moderation and not when you over-consume it. (📹: Bestie)

How Green Tea Affects Your Weight

This is how drinking Green Tea affects your weight. Diets based around detoxification have been seen as a popular way to give your body a much needed to cleanse as well as a way to lose weight and re-energize and one especially well-known method of detoxing is the green tea detox diet. (📹: Bestie)

9 Things That Are Dehydrating You That Should Not Be Ignored

Does traveling make you dehydrated? Do you need to pay attention to my skin care? What about the weather, can that impact hydration? This video will answer all these questions and more. Stick around until the end because this video also share some juicy details about ways to easily rehydrate if you can’t stand drinking…