How To Combat Back Pain While Working From Home 

As millions of people are told to work from home and adjust to doing their jobs remotely, there are likely to be inconsistent desk set-ups where injuries are more likely. Alishah Merchant, a physiotherapist at Rebalance Sports Medicine, gives some tips on how to optimise your home workstation. {BBC}

A Fitness Instructor’s Entire Routine, From Morning Meditation To Training

Megan Roup, a professional fitness instructor, shares her entire daily routine—including how she preps her skin, body, and mind for filming workouts and livestreams. From waking up to coffee and meditation to responding to fan messages and emails, Megan shows us how she is keeping busy and fit during at home. {Allure}

Adult Acne Causes And Treatments

In this episode of #SkinSchool, dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto explains the causes of adult acne and how best to treat breakouts plus prevent acne scarring. {Harper’s Bazaar}