18 Everyday Things That You Have Been Doing Wrong All Your Life

There are many things that come naturally to us. The daily stuff that seems to be completely normal. But what if you’ve been doing these tasks wrong all along? This video will be telling you about the everyday things you thought you were doing correctly, but have really been doing all wrong. (📹: Bestie)

What Your Birth Month Reveals About Your Personality

From February people being intelligent, June being born romantics, April born being risk takers, August born being natural leaders to October babies being the luckiest and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them. (📹: Bestie)

8 Ways You Can Survive A Heat Wave

How bad is protein? What floor of your house do you need to be on? Do you actually need to avoid alcohol? Do you need to turn off your computer too? This video will be talking about all that and more. (📹: Bestie)