Ed Helms Talks ‘Coffee & Kareem’

Ed Helms of “Coffee & Kareem” shares some further insight into the film. {Variety} This movie is really interesting. You should definitely go watch it.

Europe’s Path To Resurgence?

The European Union is discussing economic stimulus measures. EU finance ministers are due to meet for talks on how to stave off a recession. Angela Merkel has pledged Germany’s support and member states battered by the coronavirus are desperate to get the money flowing. But there’s fierce debate over how to do that. {DW News}

Russia Uses Facial Recognition To Tackle Covid-19

As Russian cities go into lockdown to try to contain coronavirus, Moscow is using the latest technology to keep track of residents. City officials are using a giant network of tens of thousands of cameras installed with facial recognition software which they plan to couple with digital passes on people’s mobile phones. It’s prompted concern…

Coronavirus & The Future Of Racing Sports

Formula 1 team bosses have met to discuss ways of protecting the sport from financial problems caused by the coronavirus, with a reduction of the budget cap under consideration. Williams became the third F1 team to put their staff on enforced leave until the end of May, while the team’s drivers and executives have to…